What are Senior Real Estate Specialists?

Senior Real Estate Professionals

If your aging parent or loved one is preparing to move to a senior living community and has a house to sell, using a real estate professional who is certified in working with seniors may be of benefit. There are two primary organizations that certify realtors to work with seniors.


National Association of Realtors: They offer the designation Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). Participants of this program receive training on everything from universal design to how to empathize with seniors and federal laws for Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA). They are also knowledgeable about the variety of financing options available for seniors including reverse mortgages.

Seniors Real Estate Institute: This organization offers the Certified Senior Housing Professional (SREI) certification. Their members are specialists who know how to serve adults making a late-in-life transition. Training for the SREI designation includes a variety of topics ranging from downsizing to leaving a legacy.

Why Choose a Senior Realtor?

Working with a certified senior realtor gives older adults many advantages. These realtors know and understand the challenges facing seniors when they move. They are sensitive to issues like leaving the family home and downsizing furniture and other family heirlooms. Senior realtors can help connect you with community resources to help with everything from finding a quality assisted living community to introducing you to a senior move manager to help with the logistics of your move. They can also help you with:

    - Home appraisal
    - Staging plan for showing your home
    - Negotiating the terms of the move with the buyer

For busy adult children, finding a senior real estate professional who will represent your parent's interests can help to make for a smooth transition.

Find a Senior Real Estate Specialist

Find Senior Real Estate Specialists

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