What are Senior Care Advisors?

Senior Care Advisors

There are a wide variety of companies and organizations that employ or certify senior care advisors. Some are solely certifying agencies that have oversight for the licensing and on-going education of advisors. Others are companies that have senior care advisors on staff to help guide families through the senior care process.


Society of Certified Senior Advisors: This accrediting body is an international organization that brings together a wide range of professionals who work with older adults. Some CSAs are elder law attorneys while others are nurses, social workers, and community relations professionals. To be certified an individual must complete an extensive course in-person or online, and then successfully pass a comprehensive exam. CSAs must meet minimum yearly education requirements. All certified senior advisors receive background checks prior to being accepted in to the program.

Certified Senior Consultant: A much less comprehensive certification, this program focuses on the financial aspects of senior care. It is offered through the Institute of Business and Finance.

Referral Agencies: A wide variety of referral agencies offer free senior care advice for families. In lieu of charging families a care management fee, these senior care advisors are paid by the senior housing company or in-home care agency that the senior and their family eventually select. The advantage of this type of service is that they help families find care at no cost to them. The disadvantage is that if an appropriate senior care option isn't a paid partner of the company, they typically won't be presented to the family.

Geriatric care managers are another option for families of aging loved ones to consider. They can assist with everything from managing your loved one's care in a nursing home to helping them apply for a variety of different community resources.

Find a Senior Care Advisor

Find Senior Care Advisors

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