What is Assisted Living?

Are you facing difficulty in caring for your parents? Do you need help to find the right caregiver who can provide assistance to your parents to lead a healthy and happy life? Well, don’t worry because there are several assisted living facilities that can help your parents live a healthy and fruitful life.

However, before putting your parents under such care it is important to understand what assisted living is all about. It is also referred as an adult care home or residential care facility that provide several services for elderly care. The facilities vary widely in range of assistance and their size may range from small homely environments to large scale corporate facilities with hundreds of residents. The privacy and independence of your parents would be maintained at all times and they can call for assistance at any point throughout the day.

The basic purpose of assisted living facilities is to provide assistance to seniors who need help carrying out their daily activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, cooking food, medication reminders, and more. However, elderly who are too sick and need complex medical services cannot be taken care of at residential care centers. Home care facilities would provide regular checkups to the elderly and may have doctors and nurses visiting occasionally, but they are not alternatives to nursing home facilities.

Assisted living is not only about caregiving and assistance with daily activities, but also about opportunities for companionship and socialization. These centers provide ideal homes where your parents would interact with friendly staff and meet several other elderly people who share their stories and engage in friendly activities. The homes may range from studio apartments to single residence apartments or community centers where the elderly socialize and participate in various events to stay active.

Some of the main objectives of assisted living facilities are:

• Foster independence of each resident
• Treat residents with respect and care
• Allow residents to opt for the kind of care and facilities they require
• Involve family and friends of the residents in care planning
• Provide a safe, homely and residential environment that doesn’t feel like a facility
• Offer cost-effective quality care
• Provide help to carry out daily activities

Typically, all assisted living facilities provide a common dining hall and prepared meals to the seniors. There may be community halls, fitness center, swimming pool and various other recreational facilities available at the facility. Laundry services, natural and artificial lighting, security, transportation and supervision are some of the common features that are provided to the residents at such facilities.

Choosing to move your loved ones to facilities away from home can be a very difficult choice but if you move the elderly to a renowned home care facility then you can be sure about their welfare. However, choosing the right facility may be a difficult task and you need to look out for the above pointers to decide upon the best care possible for your parents and loved ones. You can also visit the facility and notice the cordiality of the staff and elderly assistance available before deciding on sending your parents to such centers.

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