Idea: Revive Old Holiday Traditions in Memory of Mom



Sometimes good smells around the holidays bring back memories, or songs on the radio, or old shows on TV. Suddenly, you might find yourself catapulted into some cozy point in your childhood that made for special memories.

You might recall a tasty treat that your mother always used to make, or a cute holiday special your family would gather round the sofa to watch every year. There might be some kind of craft your household made a group project of to decorate your home in a unique way. As family dynamics change over the years, many traditions fall by the wayside, and new ones often take their place. But sometimes, it might be fun to revive something fun and nostalgic this year.

Even if your dear mother has passed away, or lives too far away to visit this holiday season, then reviving an old family tradition from your own childhood might be a great thing to do in her honor. You can introduce the grandkids to things you used to love and made your childhood memorable. The best traditions are ones that everyone can be a part of. Get out Mom’s old recipe book and let the young’uns have a blast making a happy mess garnishing grandma’s famous Christmas cookies with bright colored frosting. The best tasting holiday treats are made with love, and so are the best memories.

Apart from your own beloved traditions you remember growing up, ask your spouse what he or she can remember from their own childhood. You both might collaborate to come up with an amazing holiday tradition that works for your own family. My dad had a tradition of putting elves on the shelves back in his childhood, and my mom’s family always popped real authentic popcorn the old fashioned way over the fireplace. These traditions were brought into our household when I was a child. While other traditions from their young days were scrapped.

Who knows what I’ll decide to keep for my own family when the time comes to start a family. But I’ve got a great wealth of traditions to choose from, and I’m sure you do too.

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