Fall Decoration Ideas for Seniors

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The radio stations and the shopping centers like to jump the gun preparing for Christmas as soon as summer comes to a close. The lovely fall season can sometimes go overlooked or rushed through. But the joys and beauty of autumn are not to be skipped! With a solid two months until Santa arrives and Hanukah candles are lit, there still are two wonderful holidays yet to come. Here we provide some fall decoration ideas for seniors.


Where to find Autumn Trinkets?

Whether seniors have an entire house to decorate, or simply want their assisted living facility rooms to look spirited, there are perfect places where seniors can decorate for fall. For seniors who want to decorate the yards of their homes to welcome their young trick or treating grand children, Hobby Lobby always provides excellent decorations for both the home interiors and exteriors for Halloween. From yard jack-o-lanterns, door reefs of colorful autumn leaves, to ghostly door signs; Hobby Lobby has something for everyone.

For seniors with limited decorating space, there are still plenty of ways to fill a room with autumn cheer. Cracker Barrel always has a whole store-full of various adorable knick-knacks and little fall trinkets that fit perfectly on a bedside table, a desk, or a kitchen counter to make the living space cozy and festive! Additionally, Cracker Barrel always provides a catalog of seasonal holiday movies on DVD to watch at home, or with the grandchildren.


Great Halloween Decorations for Seniors

The nearest approaching holiday is Halloween, where children, and even college students, are busy finding costumes for the festivities. And while seniors may be somewhat above the appropriate age for trick or treating, there are still ways to show the holiday spirit for all things spooky this year. If a senior wants to join in with the kids for dress up fun, an easy costume is to raid the old closet for a piece of clothing that is not quite in style any longer as pass it off for a cool costume!

Taking the grandchildren on a trip to the local pumpkin patch can be a great bonding experience, watching their eyes light up as you work together to pick the best oversized holiday squash! For some seniors, carving a jack-o-lantern is too messy a task for them. Other seniors may find operating a large sharp knife is too dangerous for those with arthritis. Have no fear; seniors can still enjoy pumpkin fun with the family, since kids can just as well draw on the surface of a pumpkin with acrylic paint! Paint products for Halloween pumpkin decorating can be found at

This year, some seniors may find it harder to put up cumbersome decorations than it used to be. Seniors concerned about stepping up a tall ladder to put lights up may seek help or supervision from family or neighbors. Halloween lights are easy to find at Wal-Mart and other superstores.


Great Thanksgiving Decorations for Seniors

For various reasons, not everyone celebrates Halloween. But the fall still provides one of the most exciting holiday occasions for seniors to reunite with their extended families. Hobby Lobby and Wall-Mart are great places to pick up porch and yard décor such as adorable scarecrow men dressed in patchy clothes.

Thanksgiving is also famous as a season for big football games. This can be a great opportunity for grandpa to pick up decorations to flaunt his school colors from his college days with pride. Perhaps the grandson has carried on the tradition and roots for the same team! Or there may be a playful family rivalry in front of the television screen. Either way, there are plenty of ways for seniors to decorate and get festive for the fall season!


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