Dermatologists Offer 5 Helpful Anti-Aging Tips



Beauty is only skin deep. It’s a very subjective and psychological thing more than anything else. But it means something to everyone. Most people want to keep their smooth, healthy, young-looking skin as long as possible. But how best to do that?

In this article we provide some basic tips suggested by dermatologists for helping to keep your skin looking young for longer, or hide the signs of age.

The effects of aging on the skin is a problem for senior men and women alike.

Aging is a certainty for everyone, but some factors are within your power to control or slow.

These are not tips that simply apply to the elderly, but would wisely be adopted by young people as well. The earlier you start thinking about preserving your beautiful skin, the better! Below we will list a guide for things to start doing as well as things to stop doing to achieve healthy skin.


  1. Diet Can Effect Your Skin as Well as Your Weight

There are several diet tips we can offer to preserve healthy skin. It should come as no surprise that sugars and processed foods are bad. They are not only bad for weight, but also hinder the body’s biochemical processes for producing dermal cells. Drinking one liter of water every day is a great way to purify and cleanse the body and keep skin at its best. Eating Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids (which can be found in olive oil, flaxseed, and salmon) is proven to help keep the top layer of your skin that produces moisture functioning great!

  1. Beware of Too Much UV Ray Exposure

It’s hard to overstate the importance of applying sunblock. Too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays not only increases the chances of skin cancer, but also accelerates the aging processes for skin. Sunburns can damage your body’s elastin and decrease your amount of collagen, which leads to drooping skin and wrinkles.


  1. Take Retinoid Vitamins

Doctors agree that the current best types of topical creams for repairing the aging process are Retinoid-based. Retinoids are rich in Vitamin-A, which can help boost collagen production, increase skin cell turnover, and even unclog pores. If you are interested, ask your doctor if a Retinoid-based product is right for your skin.


  1. Adjust Your Morning / Night Routine

In order to make a serious concerted effort to help restore your skin, you will probably need to make alterations to certain aspects of your daily routine. Managing the products applied to your skin is a great anti-aging precaution.  Do your best to start the day off applying sunscreen before you go out in the morning. Do not go to bed with makeup on, letting it sit on your face longer than needed.


  1. Mind Your Cosmetics

There are cosmetic procedures that can help regenerate skin. You can exfoliate your skin from home through the use of facials or microdermabrasion creams applied to the face. These Peel products can serve to help your skin look brighter and refreshed. Of course, makeup is an effective anti-aging tool for hiding wrinkles or age marks after you have tried everything else. Just keep in mind that if your don’t wash it off properly, it can be counter-effective by harming skin.


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