Tips That Help Keep Couples Together In Assisted Living

Alzheimers Assisted living

Life expectancy has steadily increased over the recent decades in America, and marriages are lasting and going strong well into couples’ golden later years. As a result, when it comes time to decide upon a needed assisted living arrangement or relocation, fewer seniors have to enter into this next phase of life alone.

Senior couples may have to decide together where to situate themselves in order to live comfortably and get the medical care they need. This can also be tricky as both spouses may have very different health care requirements or varying requirements for assistance. Both spouses will surely want what is best for the other, but sometimes that becomes complicated when one spouse suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s, and the other has taken it upon his or herself to stay and assume a care taking role.

Here are a few helpful guidelines for couples selecting the most appropriate assisted living option available.

Do Your Research Early

Couples can save a lot of stress by getting ahead of the game by doing a little research before assisted living becomes a pressing issue, talking it out and agreeing on a place. Knowing what you’re getting into and having a secure plan before any sudden accident or unexpected problem forces you to think fast or limits your insurance options can make the idea of assisted living much less scary or confusion, and might even give you something to look forward to as a couple if you find somewhere that seems to meet all of your mutual requirements.

Managing Finances

Having a long-term plan for security is part of being prepared and thinking ahead. This entails planning in advance, maybe setting aside some money, saving, or doing whatever else you can to be in a financially secure position to be ready for any possible future adjustment to assisted living.
Residential couples are often charged for one room, with fee lodging for the second person. The average cost per month for room and board is around $1500, plus charges for any extra care as needed. And many senior care communities allow couples to receive and be charged only for the care they need on an individual basis, instead of charging an overall blanket to cover both spouses. Pricing levels are tiered, with lesser-needed assistance on the lower pricing tier. For those seeking a more high-end lodging experience, private one-bedroom apartments for assisted living go for a median rate of $2,575 a month according to the Assisted Living Federation of America. Two-bedroom apartments and multiple bedroom suites are offered at some more luxurious facilities as well for those with greater space needs who can afford an upcharge.

Prepare For the Changes

Making the transition as a couple, to a new life at a senior care facility will require mental preparation and some lifestyle adjustments to anticipate. Modern assisted living communities aim to preserve a sense of independence for their residents, however there will certainly be some changes to adapt to with new routines and social spheres present in this next phase of life. It is imperative to become versed in the routines, regulations, and rules of the land for your prospective senior care facilities when doing your research. A senior couple may enter a facility knowing no one but each other, so socializing and making friends will be necessary to budding into the community. Most senior care residents are widowed, so couples starting a life in assisted living together are fortunate to have someone to have to talk to from the start. But senior care communities are generally quite friendly and sociable with people entering from all walks of life to share rich stories of life’s well lived.

Consider Both Partners’ Needs

When researching prospective facilities, a senior might discover one that’s perfect for him—but maybe not his wife so much, or vice-a-versa. Selecting an arrangement (like every other major decision in a marriage) may require some compromises on both parts to accommodate the preferences and comforts of both partners to call a place home. Please be considerate of the personal and shared needs (emotional, physical, privacy, hobbies, relational, sociable) for both spouses. It is also helpful for couple to look into finding activities or things they can do together, like fitness programs or available interest-clubs.

Range of Senior Living Options 

There are several types of senior care options that vary in the degree and extensiveness of care and independence available for residents. Overview these terms when doing your research regarding the sort of assisted living you as a couple are looking for.

  • Independent Senior Living – An option for couples who require little-to-no assistance with daily activities (driving/medicine/food).
  • Assisted Senior Living – An option for couples looking for a maintenance-free life-style, but can see they might need a little help now or in the future. This option is a combination of amenities and hospitality services, along with basic care services such as medication management and personal assistance with daily activities such as dressing or showing, as well as basic nursing and dementia care.
  • Continuing Care Retirement Community– allows seniors to live independently in single-family homes, apartment, condos, and then transition into a assisted living centers when it becomes necessary.


While it may for the moment be a touchy subject, and a little inconvenient it is best to be prepared and educated on assisted living options for the future. Try not to leave the responsibility of relocating entirely in the hands of your children, so you can have some say in choosing a living arrangement that is better suited to your preferences and level of comfort as a couple.

Senior Dating Tips: Romance after Retirement

Senior Dating TipsJust because you’ve made it past retirement, it doesn’t mean the days of romance are forever gone. As human beings, we crave companionship. When we have a partner to spend our days, no matter how long or short they may be, it makes that time more pleasant and makes like exciting for many. While some seniors are happy spending the rest of their days in solitude, others crave for the companionship they may have had at one point during their life. Yet, many often think dating is a thing of the past, and not something that can be reached.

If you’re looking to find a partner to spend the rest of your days with, you’ll be happy to know that seniors all over the world have found romance after retirement, and some find it more exciting than ever before. Dating as a senior has much less complicated than dating during your younger years. There’s less time spent trying to “figure it out”, and rather than focusing on the small things, you’re able to enjoy the time you spend with your partner to the fullest. If you’re not sure how to start back in the world of dating, these senior dating tips can make it easy for you. Get ready, hold on tight, you’ve got the whole world to explore and it’s out there waiting for you.

Ask around

Just because you’ve started dating, it doesn’t mean you have to take it totally serious. When you’re looking to get out and have some fun with someone of the opposite sex, word of mouth can be the only tool you need. By telling others what you’re looking to do, you’re putting yourself out there. Changes are, someone you tell knows a senior just as ready and willing as you are. If someone offers to set you up, go out and take the chance. Don’t spend too much time sorting out the small parts, and get out there and have some fun.

Get out of the house

No one can ask you out if they never see you around. Some seniors tend to stay home a lot of the time, as they’ve spent many years socializing and don’t find the need to get out as often. However, if you’re looking to jump into the world of romance, you need to get out of the house first. Plan a day out with a friend in a location that gets a lot of traffic like a local picnic. You’ll get the chance to connect with others, and may find someone to take you out on a date.

Speak up

There may be someone out there looking to ask you out, but how you display yourself says a lot to the other person. If you appear quiet and reserved at all times, they’re going to think you’re not interested in going out. You need to socialize, speak up, be friendly, and even take a chance by asking them to go out to lunch with you. Waiting around for someone to ask you isn’t always the best choice. While this may have worked during your younger years, times have changed and you need to act in order to get results.

Connect with old flames

There are few things better than getting out with someone you used to have a connection with. Remember, you aren’t the only one who’s aged. Those you grew up with, even people you may have never had an interest in, have aged as well. By connecting with people you already know, the process of dating is much easier. Who knows- those old flames may be looking to get out just as much as you are. Give them a quick call or send them a letter, letting them know what’s going on in your life these days. You could make an instant connection by taking the initiate and connecting with the people from your past.

How To Feel Young Again

how to feel young againJust because you are aging, does not mean you can’t be young at heart. There are unlimited ways a person can feel young again if they just open their mind to it. Here are ten great ways for you to feel young again.

1. Volunteer in Your Community
What better way to feel good about yourself than volunteering in your community? Think back to the days when you were full of energy and wanted to help all those in need. Offering your time and talents help uplift your spirits. You’ll learn new skills and meet new people.

2. Join a Club
Join a club so you can get out and socialize with people who have similar interests. As we age, we don’t always keep up with our friends. We lose interest in certain activities. However, joining a club of a particular interest or new interest puts us right in the center of a crowd. You’ll be socializing like a butterfly in no time.

3. Take a Class
The old that school is for the young has been proven wrong countless times again. You’re never too old to learn or teach something new. Go back to college and get your business degree, take a social media course offering at the library, or stay at home to learn a new language right on your PC.

If you have a wealth of knowledge on a particular subject, why not become an instructor? There are many ways to teach, be it at a local college, community center, or online learning environment.

4. Start a New Hobby
If you’ve already mastered sculpting or restoring cars, why not challenge yourself? Are you tired of your son going to the golf course every morning? Ask if you can tag along and learn to play. If your daughters are going to play tennis before your afternoon tea, pick up a tennis racket and start practicing.

5. Pamper Yourself
You can feel young again by pampering yourself in any way. You don’t necessarily need to take yourself to the spa for a manicure or get your hair done. Do something for yourself that you enjoy. Sleep in on a Monday, take yourself out for ice-cream, order yourself some flowers and chocolates, or buy a new outfit.

6. Start an Exercise Program
Exercising is very rejuvenating and will help you look and feel young again. Exercise helps reduce stress, so you can look forward to fewer lines and wrinkles. Your circulation will improve, and blood pressure will regulate. You don’t need to hit the gym 5 days a week. Most specialists will suggest a light routine of exercising 3 days a week. Short walks, water aerobics, and bicycling are all excellent light exercise routines. The more active you become, the younger you’ll feel.

7. Enjoy Your Grandchildren
There is no better way to feel younger again than spending time with the younger crowd. Make time for your grandchildren whenever possible. Younger kids want to get down on the floor to play with cars and dolls. They want to go to the park and play on the swings and jungle gyms. Older kids seem to want to play video games, but if you peek their interest, they are ready for a nature walk or fishing anytime. These are ways to create great memories and be a cool grandparent.

8. Go Travel
You’ve worked hard all your life, now it’s time to enjoy the world. If you’re not keen on being away too far from home, start off small. There are plenty of beautiful and intriguing historical landmarks in your state, many of which offer bed and breakfast stays. This can make for an exciting or relaxing weekend away that you and your loved ones need. Make sure to use your AARP or other senior discount option for an economical trip. If you don’t have friends and family to travel with, consider joining up with a senior travel tour group. They have local and overseas destinations already planned and waiting for you to join.

9. Add a Touch of Romance to Your Life
Do you remember that glow you had while dating in high school or the jitters you felt before asking a girl out on a date? Relive those moments again and ask that special someone out. Romance keeps us young no matter if it’s new, seasoned, or a rekindled flame.

A few ways you can add a touch of romance to your life include:

• Write your loved one a love letter
• Have a candlelight dinner on the rooftop
• Visit your first-kiss location
• Attend a drive in movie
• Give a handmade gift
• Slow dance to “your” song

10. Get Silly
Finally, don’t take everything in life too seriously. You should be able to find the humor in everything you do. Get silly and do things you normally wouldn’t engage in. Have a snowball fight, resolve disputes playing rock, paper, scissors, play hide and seek, or beat the grandkids in their favorite video game.
There are so many ways to make yourself feel young again. Most of them require little effort on your part. Doing one or two a week will certainly show off the new and improved you.