Is Mediterranean Diet The Key To Longevity?

Mediterranean diet.Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life, but the exact key to that has yet to be found. While we know that healthy dieting and experience, along with reduced stress and similar healthy lifestyle choices are all essential for a long life, some are starting to look into the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. By learning more about this diet trend and why so many are asking; “is Mediterranean diet the key to longevity?” you can determine if this way of life is right for you.

What exactly is the Mediterranean diet?

This form of dieting originated in the Mediterranean countries, and consists of a diet of high vegetable intake, along with olive oil, and moderate consumption of protein. According to those who live by it, this form of dieting offers substansutal benefits and may even extend your life due to its nutritional benefits?

How does it improve your life?

According to researchers, this form of dieting is the ticket to a longer life. Some researchers have claimed it can lower your risk for a heart attack, and Boston’s named Nurses’ Health Study group offered more in-depth information as to why it offers so many benefits. According to this group, the food groups included in the diet are linked to longer telomeres, which works to create healthy aging.

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The telomeres that create healthy aging are actually found at the end of your chromosomes. As you age, they become shorter, which leads to different health conditions. According to researchers, when you prevent this from getting shorter, you can also prevent age related diseases and even serious life-threatening conditions. One group of researchers from the Brigham and Women’s hospital did a study that measured telomere lengths in a group of individuals involved in the study, and when their diets consisted of the foods found in the Mediterranean, the shortening was prevented.

According to researchers involved in the study, the body is provided with something called prudence when maintaining the Mediterranean diet. Women have higher levels of prudence. When this form of dieting is combined with additional healthy lifestyle choices, it could in fact be the key to longevity. Researchers also believe that certain components within the food consumed alone may be linked to the benefits seen with this form of dieting. For example, Sardinians are consumed largely in the diet, and are thought to provide some of the benefits seen from the diet.

Current benefits

From the information offered from experts so far, it’s clear that the diet can improve both your life and lifespan. Many people using this form of dieting have stated they feel better on a physical and metal level, and as time goes by and further research is conduced their benefits will be more easily understood.


If you’re interested in trying out the Mediterranean diet to achieve longevity, it’s important that you start off slowly, making small changes as needed. The slower you go with the changes, the more likely you’ll be to stick with your new diet, and get all of the great benefits that come along with it.


Natural Allergy Remedies: 5 Tips to Prevent Fall Allergies

Natural Allergies RemediesAs the summer days become a memory, and the fall has hit, allergies tend to hit even harder. When you have allergies, they can several affect the quality of your life, causing you to feel stuffed up, uncomfortable, and even fatigued. While there’s several products available to help remedy allergies, there’s also drawbacks to each of these products. For one, one major side-effect of prescription and OTC allergy medication is drowsiness. Due to the fatigue that already occurs with allergies, the last thing you want is to feel even more tired. Additionally, some people experience a lot of side-effects from these medications, and they can be taxing on the body.

Luckily, there’s various natural allergy remedies that work to prevent fall allergies. These remedies have proven effective time and time again. By learning more about the top 7 natural allergy remedies, you can use these tips to get through the fall allergy free.

Eat yogurt

Not many people realize that yogurt, and supplemental probiotics that contain active cultures, are excellent for preventing fall allergies. According to naturopathic doctors, this should be your first step for preventing allergies. Probiotics work to boost digestion and your immune system, and some researchers believe that when these areas are weak, you’re more susceptible to allergies. The daily dose for preventing fall allergies is one BB536 strain. You should also double your dose anytime you take antibiotics.

Stock up on butterbur

According to the results from a German study, something called sesquiterpenes, found in butterbur, is essential for preventing fall allergies. This is a herbaceous perennial plant, and has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. It not only helps to prevent allergies from acting up, but can help you get rid of a flare-up in no time at all.

Load up on vitamin C

Most people know that vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system. It helps prevent colds, keep your body strong, and is one of the most important vitamins in your diet. However, what they don’t realize is that vitamin C is an amazing natural allergy prevented. When you take enough vitamin C, you prevent your body from forming histamine, the chemical in the body that causes allergies to act up

Sniff peppermint

When you have stuffed up sinuses, there’s no better natural cure than peppermint. Peppermint works to clear out the nasal passages almost instantly, and even provides a natural energy burst. It’s important that you choose 100% natural essential oil, as this is the purest form and doesn’t contain any of the perfume additives that can actually make your allergies even worse.

Eat some onions

About 2 grams of onions, each day offers your body with just enough quercetin, an important bioflavonoid, which works to reduce symptoms of allergies. By eating onions you’re reducing the itchy, watery eyes that’s seen with allergies, clearing out your sinuses, and can ward away any allergic reactions you have to outside allergens. While some people think onions would aggravate allergies due to their natural ability to make the eyes water, it’s actually the exact opposite.
Take fish oil

Fish oil is an important part of a healthy diet, and even more important for fall allergy reduction. The DHA in fish oil is a must for allergy relief, and 6,000 mg a day has completely rid many people of their seasonal allergies. An added bonus? Fish oil is an anti-inflammatory, which is important for allergy reduction, and helps promote a healthy heart.

Support your adrenals

Your adrenal glands play a large role in how bad your allergies are. When you don’t have healthy adrenal glands, your body doesn’t work properly to prevent the natural chemicals needed to keep allergies at bay. Luckily, there’s plenty of foods and supplement that support the adrenal glands naturally, from licorice to B vitamins.


By using the steps outline above, you may be able to prevent allergies all-together. However, even if your allergies still act up, you’ll notice a huge reduction in their severity by using these tips for natural allergy prevention and reduction.