6 Recent Trends in Nursing Home Care

Nursing HomeThe past stigma that nursing home care is just about providing a place for old people to live out their final years is of course not true. Although, let’s be honest when was the last time you even thought of visiting an old friend living in a nursing home?

Treating our elderly as worthwhile contributors in our society is not only an important part of them maintaining their dignity, but it is also a vital element in our social evolution.

Thankfully, modern nursing home care facilities are starting to adopt strategies that are designed to rehabilitate and reintegrate their clients into a more normal life style.

1. Nursing home care is becoming more rehabilitation orientated

Due to the high cost of skilled nursing, the trend is for nursing facilities to become short-term rehabilitation centers. Typically, over 25% nursing home resident admissions are after hospitalization for a serious injury or acute medical procedure. A growing number of nursing home patients return home fully recovered to live independent life styles.

2. Technology is enhancing our nursing homes.

We are far from the emulation of Star Trek, but technology is becoming a huge part of caring for our seniors. Specialized computers systems are being developed to do tasks that range from keeping track of medications and vital signs to mobile networks that help run smart-homes allowing for independent living.

3. Families oriented living arrangements

The cost of senior care is forcing families to rearrange their housing to accommodate the care their seniors. A well designed multi-generational housing unit is not only a cost saving measure but also a highly manageable way of keep the seniors in the family setting.

4. Senior living cooperatives

A senior living cooperative is a good way of maintaining a degree of independence while sharing some of the expenses with other seniors. The senior lives in an independent home but shares certain expenses and recreational areas. The members of the community setting will typically pay monthly dues to maintain the property and pay for housekeeping and some shared meals

5. Baby boomers prefer eco-friendly

Today’s senior citizen are much better informed and are demanding safer and more eco-friendly conditions to live. They understand that consuming organic and nutrient rich food will keep them healthier. They recognize that using LEED-certified eco-friendly materials and appliances will lead to significant cost savings in the future. They know that they will be more comfortable, happier and healthier living in environmental friendly conditions.

6. The home health care industry is booming

Senior citizens don’t want to be institutionalized.  Today’s senior citizen wants to be independent and at home for as long as possible. Home health care is much more affordable and effective than a nursing care facility due to technology enhancements and civic planning initiatives. The home health care alternative will continue to grow in popularity due to the many advantages it offers over an institutional setting.

There are many consideration to be taken into account when planning for long-term care and it can be quite overwhelming. However there is no reason to fret, visit our Facebook Page for a great place to build relationships and get advice.


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