Choosing The Right Assisted Living Facility For Your Parents

assisted livingIt may be quite a difficult task to make out whether or not your parents are in need of an assisted living facility, actually. To make your job easier just watch for a few of these alarming signs like:

Loss of weight – This means that your parent is not eating well or finding difficulties in cooking.
Getting bruises repeatedly– This can point to the fact that your parent is experiencing problems with balance and is falling and getting hurt every now and then.
An untidy house.
Weakness or loss of memory– Your parent is forgetting her medicines.
Depression due to loneliness
Exhibiting strange behavior– This might be due to confusion.

What is assisted living?

It is commonly referred to as residential care or adult care home. Assisted living facility is meant for seniors, primarily those who require help to carry out their normal daily activities like cooking food or getting up and walking till the bathroom in the middle of the night. They don’t need medical care similar to a nursing home. Your parents will be safe and secure in such a place. Their privacy and independence will be respected. At the same time, they will have access to assistance at any point of the day. They just have to make a call for that. The living facility can be an apartment complex or villas that have been converted for this purpose. Most of them have a common dining hall and other rooms allocated for social events or recreational purposes.

How to Choose the right assisted living facility:

It might be an overwhelming task to select the best assisted living facility from a huge variety of options available. Keep your mind clear and select the one that is suitable in terms of your needs and priorities. Observe the staff and the residents.

The things you need to check for in the staff are:

• How is their response when you speak to them? Are they willing to spend some time to speak or are they too busy to do that?
• Are they interested in you or your parents seriously or are they doing it in a mechanical fashion?
• What kind of an interaction do they have with the present residents? Is it warm, cold or indifferent?
• Are they skilled or resourceful enough to handle emergencies?

The things you need to look for in the residents:

• Do they look happy and contended?
• Do they have a healthy interaction with each other?
• Are they friendly and willing to welcome your parents?
• Are they socially active and spend quality time in recreation?

Apart from these things and your budget, you need to remember few more things while selecting an assisted living facility. They are:

• Will it be “a home away from home” for your parents? Some individuals like places that are quiet and peaceful and some find such places quite depressing as they prefer a bit of hustle-bustle. Recognize the likes and dislikes of your parents and choose accordingly.

• Does the facility provide amenities like gym, library or transportation facilities to nearby places? Check the site to find whether your parents are interested in the activities offered by them.
• Do you find the food menu appealing there? What kinds of foods do they include in their menu? Is it healthy and nutritious?

• What are the medical facilities available? What is the type of care offered by the facility to those who develop a medical condition at some or other point of time? What are the measures taken by the facility to deal with the general health problems of the residents?

• Does the facility fulfill all the state and local licensing requirements? In the U.S., each state has its own set of licensing regulations. Always crosscheck with the local regulatory agency to confirm the authorization of the facility. Check for reviews and feedback on the living facility. While doing so you may come across any complaints that have been lodged against the facility.

When you were a kid, your parents had always given you the best of everything. Now, it is your chance to let them enjoy the best of all!