What is Adult Day Healthcare?

Adult Day Programs

For caregivers of an aging loved one, an adult day center offers an affordable option for managing their care. Many caregivers who use adult day services are still working or are busy with young children of their own. An elderly spouse may also find the support of an adult day center can keep them from having to move their loved one to an assisted living or Alzheimer's care community.

Services in an Adult Day Center

Adult day programs usually follow one of three models:


Adult Day Center - For those who need custodial supervision to remain safe, but do not require any skilled medical interventions during the day. Clients might include older adults with a history of falls or an elderly person who is unable to safely transfer in and out of a wheelchair.

Alzheimer's Adult Day Center - These programs make up a significant portion of adult day centers. Because Alzheimer's disease often creates safety risks for older adults, the supervision and activities an adult day program offers can be an ideal solution for families.

Adult Day Health Center - If an aging loved one requires help from a skilled nurse or therapy services during the daytime, an adult day health center can provide those services. Clients of an adult day health center live with a variety of illnesses and disabilities ranging from Parkinson's disease to COPD.

Benefits of an Adult Day Center

The advantages of an adult day center for clients include:

    - Nutritionally balanced meals
    - Life enrichment programming
    - Supervision
    - Assistance with Transportation
    - Skilled medical services (Adult Day Health Center only)

Costs of an Adult Day Center

Adult day center costs typically range from $15 a day up to $210. The median cost is about $65 per day. Some non-profit adult day programs offer sliding scale fees based upon income.

Paying for Adult Day Programs

The majority of clients in an adult day center are using private family funds to pay for the program. There are some counties and states that offer subsidies and scholarships for lower income seniors. Your local agency on aging can help you locate those types of programs in your community. If a client is receiving skilled services from a nurse or therapist, those services may be covered by their private health care insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare Part B. Note that it is only the skilled services that may be covered and typically not the full cost of the adult day program.

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Find Adult Day Healthcare

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